The Best Black School Sandals NZ Summer 2017

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The Best Black School Sandals NZ Summer 2017

Yes, it's time, time for School Sandals.

This video aims to give you a run down of what we have in store and online this summer. Sorry it's a bit long, but don't miss out on seeing the new Black Sandal range from BOBUX in all leather.

Click for our Black School Sandal Range

See our previous blog post with videos on the entire Bobux Summer 2017 Range

Best Black School Sandals NZ 2017

StyleBoys/GirlsUpperLiningStocksRRPOur Price
Rove Boys Leather Leather Good $95 $86
Prancer Unisex Leather Leather Good $95 $86
Sprite Girls Leather Leather Good $95 $86
Soul Unisex Leather Leather Good $95 $86
Toachi Boys Synthetic Synthetic Low $99 $89
Tanza Boys Synthetic Synthetic Low $99 $89
Kanyon Boys Synthetic Synthetic Good $109 $99
Harper Girls Synthetic Synthetic Low $109 $99
Noosa Boys Synthetic Synthetic Good $90 $81
Koru Girls Synthetic Synthetic Good $90 $81
Panther Boys Synthetic Synthetic Good $80 $72