Dr Martens - Kids Youths Range - Big Sizes Kids Prices

Be Super Quick For These

Frustrated at the lack of quality full leather kids and youths boots this winter?

For years I have felt the pain of parents not able to get Docs at reasonable prices for their kids when they are over a size uk3. The adults price is just too much when faced with growing feet. It's hard to justify such an expenses even though they knew that the quality and durability means that they will out last the child.

So it's been so good to now be able to give those parents and kids another option - Yes adults sizes at kids prices

The range is still quite small:

The kids Delaney, similar to the 1460, but with a zip on the inside of the foot, so it's easy off and on. Nice and roomy for wider kids, and yes women have been buying these as well. 

The size range is a uk4, 5 & 5.5. As an womens size 8 (uk6) I can fit them comfortably

The Banazi is a black leather Chelsea style boot. Again with a xip on the side of the leg.

Sizes uk4 & 5 are currently in store

The Everley - a black school shoe, without the yellow stitching. With just the uk 4 left in the youths range at tine of writing, this has been a very popular school or street shoe.

Lets hope that we are able to get these youths sizes in again, though probably not until next winter.

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